Crowdsource Funding via Social Media Platforms

  • Kevin Byrnes
  • Aqua Asif
  • Alex Ng
  • Sinan Khadhouri
  • Nikita R. Bhatt
  • Veeru Kasivisvanathan
Keywords: Urology, social media, communication, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing


Crowdfunding involves obtaining financial support for a project through public engagement. It is a form of
crowdsourcing, where monetary and non-monetary contributions from the public are obtained for a common aim.
Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way of gaining additional monetary support for medical research projects
and may act as a supplement to conventional funding. Social media can influence which projects are likely to be
successful. Engagement on social media can increase the funding obtained. In this brief communication, we introduce
the concept of crowdfunding, give practical applications, and describe the characteristics of successful campaigns.

How to Cite
Byrnes, K., Asif, A., Ng, A., Khadhouri, S., Bhatt, N. R., & Kasivisvanathan, V. (2023). Crowdsource Funding via Social Media Platforms. Société Internationale d’Urologie Journal, 4(2), 127-129.
Brief Communication