Licence Agreement

Exclusive Licence Agreement

  1. You, the corresponding author (the Author) of this article (the Article), on behalf of all authors (the Authors) of the Article, have the right to grant and do grant to the Société Internationale d'Urologie (the Publisher) an irrevocable, royalty-free licence in perpetuity to
    1. Publish, reproduce, distribute, display, and store the Article in all forms, formats, and media (whether known now or created in the future).
    2. Translate the Article into other languages, produce and distribute reprints of the Article, include the Article in collections, and create summaries, extracts, abstracts, or adaptations of the Article, and create any other derivative works based on or related to the Article.
    3. Include electronic links from the Article to third party material wherever it may be located.
    4. Licence any third party to do any or all of the above.
  2. Copyright of the material in the Article remains with the Authors. Authors are entitled to make non-commercial use of the Article provided that, when reproducing the Article or extracts from it, the Authors acknowledge and reference publication in the Journal. Specifically, the Authors retain the right to
    1. Post a copy of the accepted Article on their own personal or professional websites, an institutional repository, or their funding body’s designated archive. Authors who archive or self-archive accepted articles must provide a hyperlink from the Article to the Journal website.
    2. Make a limited number of copies (no more than 100) of the published version of the Article for the purpose of teaching a course or courses within their own institutions.
    3. Make a limited number of copies (no more than 100) of the published paper for personal use, e.g., in grant applications and on personal websites.
    4. All copies of the Article, whether posted or printed, must include the statement: ‘This article has been published in the SIUJ: [full citation; link]’.
  3. The Author, on behalf of all Authors of the Article, warrants that
    1. The Article is the original work of the Authors.
    2. All Authors meet the criteria for authorship, and the Authors are the sole authors and owners of the copyright in the Article. (Note: Authors employed by a government, a government agency, or non-governmental institution may not own copyright and may not, therefore, have the right to grant this licence to the Publisher and the Journal. The onus is on the Authors to make this determination and to declare this in the “Comments for Editor” section.)
    3. If the Article includes materials created by others, the Authors have obtained the permission of the owners of the copyright. Authors will provide copies of necessary permissions to the Journal.
    4. The Article has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. While the Article is under consideration by the Journal and/or when it is accepted for publication in the Journal, it will not be submitted elsewhere.
    5. All facts contained in the Article are true and accurate.
    6. The Article contains nothing that is obscene, defamatory, or libellous. It does not violate any right of privacy or confidentiality or infringe any intellectual property rights or any other human, personal, or other rights of any kind.
  4. If the Article is rejected, withdrawn, or not published within one year of the signature date below, this licence agreement will be considered annulled, and all rights will revert to the Authors.
  5. You, the Author(s), warrant that you are
    1. The sole Author of the Article and the sole owner of the copyright in the Article.
    2. A coauthor of the Article and a part owner of the copyright in the Article, in conjunction with co-authors.
    3. An agent of my employer with authority to assign the copyright in the Article owned by the employer (please state employer’s name in the “Comments for the Editor” section.
  6. You, the Author(s)
    1. Read and agree to this Licence to Publish as shown above.
    2. Consent to execution and delivery of the Licence to Publish electronically.
    3. Agree that checking “Yes, I agree to abide by the terms of the Licence Agreement” shall be given the same legal force as a handwritten signature.