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Author Guidelines

Please review our "Information for Authors."

Urology Around the World

These address topical issues in one country or region that will be of broader interest. Authors are encouraged to include with the submission one or two photographs that offer context or that illustrate what is described.

Original Research

This category includes retrospective and prospective studies, cohort and case-control studies, as well as randomized control trials. The research should add to what is already known, offer a different perspective on a conventional theory or practice, or contribute to improvement in clinical practice, policy, or education. Authors should indicate that they have followed the guidelines appropriate to the study type, and must provide the research ethics board approval number.

A research article should have a structured abstract with the following headings: Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusion(s). The main body should include the following headings: Introduction, Methods, or Materials and Methods (method, subjects, analysis), Results, Discussion, Conclusion(s). Research articles should not exceed 2500 words and should have no more than 30 references.


These studies seek to answer research questions relating to a specific clinical subject, using a comprehensive review and synthesis of the relevant literature accompanied by critical analysis and conclusions. Authors should indicate levels of evidence supporting their conclusions. The manuscript should not exceed 3000 words and should have no more than 100 references. Authors should indicate that they have followed the guidelines appropriate to the systematic review.


Commentaries are usually opinion pieces on topical issues in urology and related fields. The structure is similar to that of a guest editorial: there should be no abstract and no tables or figures or other supplementary material. Commentaries should not exceed 1000 words and should have no more than 10 references.

Brief Communication

These papers may focus on any aspect of urological care and report novel or emerging research, current best practices, or the findings of small studies. They may also address innovations or controversial issues of interest to urologists. Brief communications should have a short (≤ 100 words) unstructured abstract and no more than 10 references and 2 tables and/or figures. The main body may use traditional headings or may be unstructured but should not exceed 1000 words.

Guest Editorial

These are usually commissioned by the Editor-in-Chief for a particular purpose (for special issues etc. ). Authors wishing to comment on topical issues in urology should instead consider submitting a Commentary. Guest editorials should include no abstract, tables or figures or other supplementary material. They should not exceed 1000 words and should have no more than ten references.

Letter to the Editor

The SIUJ will consider letters written in response to a recently published article or intended to draw the attention of readers to emerging issues. Letters should not exceed 300 words and should have no more than 5 references.

Clinical Picture

Images should be accompanied by up to 300 words of text, which can provide context and information about the outcome of the case. However, the image should not rely on the text, but should be arresting and informative in and of itself. Clinical Picture submissions should be respectful of the patient and useful to clinicians.

For all submissions to this section, authors must submit an attestation that patients have provided written, informed consent for the use of any potentially identifying information (in the text or in images). To protect patient privacy, forms signed by the patient should be retained by the author rather than sent to the SIUJ.