Novel Methods of Social Media Dissemination in Urology

  • Nikita R. Bhatt
  • Jeremy YC Teoh
  • Vito Cucchiara
  • Esther Garcia Rojo
  • Claudia Mercader
  • Benjamin Pradere
  • Maria J. Ribal
  • Gianluca Giannarini
Keywords: Guielines, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, podcast, YouTube, urology


Social Media (SoMe) platforms are widely used by urologists with over 99% using SoMe and 63% of young urologists
rating the influence of SoMe on knowledge acquisition as moderate to high. The urology community is abreast with
the SoMe revolution in many ways but several new methods of SoMe dissemination remain to be explored. These
provide an exciting future for SoMe enthusiasts in urology and beyond. In this article, the European Association
of Urology Dissemination Committee explores these novel methods of SoMe dissemination while discussing the
importance of maintaining quality, ethics, and reliability in SoMe and the role EAU plays in it.

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Bhatt, N. R., Teoh, J. Y., Cucchiara, V., Garcia Rojo, E., Mercader, C., Pradere, B., Ribal, M. J., & Giannarini, G. (2023). Novel Methods of Social Media Dissemination in Urology. Société Internationale d’Urologie Journal, 4(2), 136-138.
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