Non-target embolization of the glans penis during prostatic artery embolization

  • Cameron James Parkin
  • Cecile Pham
  • Amanda Chung
  • Stuart Menogue
  • Jules Catt
  • Gavin Gottschalk
  • Cherie Wong
  • Venu Chalasani
Keywords: Prostatic artery embolization, penile tip necrosis, benign prostate hyperplasia, Embozene


Prostatic artery embolization is becoming increasingly popular in the management of benign prostatic hyperplasia, particularly for patients with significant comorbidities that make them poor candidates for either general anaesthesia or surgical intervention. Penile tip necrosis as a complication following prostatic artery embolization is exceedingly rare, with only 4 cases previously reported in the world literature. It occurs as a result of the embolization material passing into and occluding collateral arterial networks such as those supplying the glans penis. This paper identifies 3 further cases of penile tip necrosis, outlines its natural history, and proposes management strategies, so that clinicians can better identify and treat this condition.    
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Parkin, C. J., Pham, C., Chung, A., Menogue, S., Catt, J., Gottschalk, G., Wong, C., & Chalasani, V. (2021). Non-target embolization of the glans penis during prostatic artery embolization. Société Internationale d’Urologie Journal, 2(5), 323-326.
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